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Thank You Grand Island Voters!

Thank you! I am so grateful to everyone who put their confidence in me and elected me to the Town Council position.  It not only took an amazing team of candidates (Nathan, Cyndy, Todd & Sybil)  who worked tireless, it took a whole team of supporters who did a lot of behind the scenes work for all of the candidates.  Literture drops, phoning, fundraisers & mailings and Oh yeah... signs.  Let’s not forget the signs.  They put them up, they came down, they put them up, they were knocked down, they put them up and they were ran over.  Thank you to all of my supporters who tolerated all the fuss.  

I especially want to thank my committee, Judy Schmidt, Dolly & Tony D’Orazio,  Sabrena Parker, Betty Hopkins, Bill Stanley, Jeanie Clabeaux,Judy, Spano, Bob Zielinski, Cindy Sharpe, Sherry Bradford, Elaine & Bob Marinucci, Fran McMahone, Kim McMahon & family, Frank Budwey, Wayne & Kim Kinney, Joanne Catipovic, Eric Tompsen, Terry Funk, Robin Swedish & Carol Sharpe.  I also would like to thank the Democratic Committee members for all their help.  I was honored to have their support. Thank You!

There are so many more who wrote out cards, put up signs and supported me in a variety of ways Thank you!!. 


It has been a long and tough campaign.  Although, it wasn’t the biggest turnout ever, it was a very respectful turnout.  It is one of the tightest races for four candidates on Grand Island.  We have had tight races before, but they have always been in just one candidate not four.  We have four candidates right now on pins & needles!

It was my hope that you... the voters, would sift it all out and vote for the candidates that will look out for you and your future, candidates who will listen to you,  candidates who puts Grand Island first and it appears you did.  Nathan McMurray is ahead of Mary Cooke for Supervisor by 2 votes.  Yes, the Absentee ballots have to be counted to decide this race yet but, in April when the endorsements came down very few thought our Team had a chance... But our team did!  We always thought we had a chance.   We didn’t always agree but we always respected each other & always came back together stronger.  Jim Sharpe was around to calm us, temper us, council us and make sure we stayed focused. 

Although, Cyndy Montana is behind in the count for Town Council right now, she is not out of the hunt.  With 146 absentee ballots to be opened, she could still pull this one out and I am pulling for her.  

Who could not respect what Todd Potter did this year.  He worked hard in the Primary for a Write-in for Legislator on the Independence line and darn near pulled it out.  In the process of campaigning he took the bar exam and passed it!  He also bought his first home.  He sits on the Kenmore School Board.  An amazing young man & we have not heard the last of him.  Well done Todd.

All the candidates can thank Jim Maloney for fighting back when our signs were being taken down by filing a lawsuit.  It stopped the continued takedown of signs.  Jim has had his problems with the Town and he brought forward issues that were affecting many businesses on the Island.