R-2 Zoning Public Hearing.... Why you Should be There!

There is a Joint Town Board/ Planning Board Workshop scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at the Grand Island Memorial Library to start at 7:00 pm to discuss the proposed R-2 zoning change.  When the Board is done studying the recommendations of the R-2 Committee and the Planning Board, they will set a date for the Public Hearing.  Watch for the Notice because you are going to want to be there to voice your opinions.


At our R-2 Zoning Committee Zoning meetings the subject of PDD’s came up as a solution to the problems with the proposed Lighthouse Point project slated for the property on East River Road & Whitehaven Road. This property backs up to a residential neighborhood.  The recommendations are still before the Town Board.  It is the Committee’s hope that they seriously take them into consideration.  Changing this property to a P.D.D. was not recommended.  What you don’t want is a precedence set, that could be then used in other residential neighborhoods. That is why this Public Hearing should be important to everyone.  Check my blog out on the R-2 Zoning.


Above is a PDD plan that was approved and still can be built.  This builder has renewed his plan so it’s stays active. A PDD is supposed to have 25% green space. Please take notice how much green space there is in this plan, because there is none.  That is what is possible with a PDD.  In our R-2 zoning meeting we were told that the town board can make a plan more restrictive with a PDD but that is not what has happened.  Some of the planning board members and a couple of the town board members were not members when this plan was approved, but that does not change the fact that this can happen. In fact, quite the contrary.


Below is the plan for the patio homes on Whitehaven Road.  This is zoned R-2.  What happened here?  Again, there is no green space.  In questioning that, we were told that this developer used the golf course as their green space, which was not part of this piece of property.  It is not likely that a private golf course (that now belongs to someone else) is going to allow these homeowners to use their golf course as a playground for their children or a picnic area for the residents of the this community.  This project is not completely built out yet but it will be, this plan can’t be changed or modified now.


These examples are the reason why the residents should be concerned when handing over control to the Town Board.