It’s a sad STATE of the Independence Party!

I have been a registered Independence Party member for over 20 years. I was overwhelming elected on the Independence line by my fellow IP members in 2015 as their first ever Independence Party member  to the Grand Island Town Board. I have the qualifications for the Town Council position and have worked hard for the Grand Island community. I have mailed, dropped literature listing just some of my qualifications and accomplishments. Please check my website for more details or look over my Beverly Kinney-Town Council on Facebook. All the candidates have websites and Facebook accounts, look them over. It is clear we cannot count on the political process to vet candidates for our party.

I would like to respond to questions being asked about the Independence Party and its endorsement process or lack there of. It is a very bad and disturbing process by the Independence State Party Bosses and the interference of the Erie County Republican Party Bosses with our party’s endorsements.

The process has not been a fair one for all candidates. It is a process that candidates must deal with, but it is wrong and minor party members must work to take their parties back or lose their identities completely.

The difference between the Independence Party and the other minor parties, in this situation, is that the local Independence party has NO ability to endorse their candidates locally at all. We have no county committee and no local committees. All committees have been dissolved by the IP State Committee.  It was said in today’s Buffalo News… “You don’t get the Independence Party line unless the Erie County Republican chairman approves,” The article clearly shows that the both major parties are in play with the minor party endorsements. In the case of the Independence party on Grand Island, it is the county Republicans bosses & the State Independence bosses who did the endorsements…  no input from any local members. It is what it is. Sad by all accounts.

The only think I know for sure is… that there was not a fair process for all candidates.

All candidates deserved a chance at the Independence party endorsements.  Our party’s members deserve better than this.

The ballot is opened to allow our members to Vote or WRITE-IN the candidates of their CHOICE.

We need to right a wrong.

 It is time for our members to take back our party! Hopefully it’s not too late.  Please Vote!